13 Feb

@megdunk is here – Data Visualization

Here are the tools Megan Duncan was talking about today in J335 – enjoy!

Data visualization tools I talked about today:

No experience necessary

  • Google Sheets. Use the chart function right on the sheet to make very easy charts that are semi-customizable. You can save the image as a .png.
  • Google Fusion Tables. Put your data and your charts in one place. Also, there’s a work around for websites that don’t allow you to embed JavaScript but do allow Google Gagets (i.e. WordPress) tutorials here: https://support.google.com/fusiontables/answer/184641?hl=en&ref_topic=1652595
  • https://flourish.studio/. New. Still working out bugs. But, pretty and very easy. Images are downloadable.

Need to learn programming language

  • https://jsfiddle.net/
    • JSFiddle (meaning JavaScript) is a language you could learn in a weekend well enough to make a visualization. However, you won’t be able to put JavaScript onto a J-school or WordPress website. You need to own your own server space.
  • https://shiny.rstudio.com/
    • Shiny creates an interactive app and posts it to the web for you. You don’t need your own server space. However, you do need to know R. This language has a much steeper learning curve than JavaScript.

Other fun visualization tools