When possible, course readings are available here. Otherwise, you can find them on our course page at Learn@UW.

Sept. 8

  1. Five Writing Mistakes Real Simple (Learn@UW)
  2. News Values (Learn@UW)
  3. 50 Quick Writing Tools (Poynter)

Sept. 10

  1. Ten Tips for All Writers (Learn@UW)
  2. A Wisconsin Field Guide to Scott Walker’s Vocal Tics (CapTimes)
  3. Wisconsin’s black unemployment rate highest in the nation (CapTimes)

Sept. 15

  1. Wisconsin: A Water-Lover’s Wonderland (Wall Street Journal)
  2. 5 Factors in Writing a Good Lede (Watchdog Wire)
  3. Gov. Walker’s Speech to the Iowa Freedom Summit

Sept. 17

  1. Dear assclown: Wisconsin Senate leader’s inbox flooded with emails about records changes (CapTimes)
  2. Wisconsin joins national push to curb solitary confinement (WCIJ)

Sept. 22

  1. The Hourglass (Poynter)
  2. How To Write a Good Story in 800 Words or Less (Poynter)
  3. Writing the Story (Learn@UW)

Sept. 24

  1. 8 Interactive Storytelling Tools for Journalists (
  2. Yahara beach closures highlight algae, bacteria threats statewide (WCIJ)

Sept. 29

  1. Manure digesters seen as best hope for curbing lake pollution, but drawbacks remain (CapTimes/WCIJ)
  2. In Climbing Income Ladder, Location Matters (New York Times)

Oct. 1

  1. Ten Hints for Covering Government (Journalist’s Resource)

Oct. 6

  1. Interviewing Tips (MSU Knight Center)
  2. Ten tips for interviewing politicians (ijnet)

Oct. 8

  1. 9 Things the Best Political Reporters Do (PBS)
  2. Dividing Lines (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Oct. 13

  1. My Fellow Americans (Poynter)
  2. Covering Donald Trump is Worse than a Waste of Time (The Atlantic)
  3. White House press conferences are over a century old, but they are still useful (Poynter)

Oct. 15

  1. Since taking over Legislature, Republicans have moved to restrict local control (CapTimes)

Oct. 20

  1. AP advises journalists to “Consider¬†using alt-story forms” (Poynter)
  2. 5 questions: The Clinton email. (Politico)
  3. In second full day since Tony Robinson shooting, protestors gather and grieve (
  4. Milwaukee Crime and Safety (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Oct. 22

  1. Snow Fall (New York Times)
  2. 83 minutes delivers a lifetime of memories, grief for parents (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel).
  3. (Actually) True War Stories at NBC News (New York)

Oct. 27

Oct. 29

  1. Frank Lloyd Wright House Discovered in Madison (Wisconsin State Journal)
  2. Cats – surprise – prefer music written exclusively for them (Wisconsin State Journal)
  3. Just Be Happy (Wisconsin State Journal)
  4. Student Magazine Hosts Fashion Week (Wisconsin State Journal)

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